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An amazing dollar bill magic trick, where you magically produce lots and lots of paper money from between your finger tips. This stunt looks stunning and is easy to perform, when you know the secret.


Sitting across a table from a friend or audience member. You show that both your hands are completely empty. To prove that there is no possible place to conceal anything, you then pull up your sleeves and again show your empty open hands on both sides. Then, Kerpow !!! , your hands are brought together and a stream of dollar bills starts shooting out from them. This looks absolutely spectacular and leaves your audience amazed.


The Secret:

Roll up a stack of dollar bills and place the roll of bills in a crease of your sleeve in your jacket ( See video demonstration of this magic trick, above). This should be done before the spectator is invited to sit down at the table.

You can perform this magic trick with any money bills. Have fun.

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