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Super Cigarette

Here is a simple but very effective trick using a straw or a cigarette. VIDEO BELOW

Lay a cigarette on a table and then explain to the people around the table about the art of static electricity.

Pull up your sleeve and rub your forearm vigorously. Then, putting your fingertips on the far side of the cigarette, pull your fingers slowly away from the cigarette. The cigarette will follow your fingers like a magnet .

No one will be able to do it, I've even had someone ask me if I could make it come toward me.

This can be done by cupping your hand slightly in front of the cigarette and the cigarette will come towards you.

Method: The  secret of the trick is to blow slightly in front of the cigarette if you wish it to go away from you, following your hand.

If you wish it to come towards you, cup your hand slightly and blow on your hand while bringing it towards you on the table. The hand will reflect the air onto the cigarette which will come towards you.

This simple trick will fool many an adult. Do not be afraid of them discovering you blowing as they will be concentrating on the action on the table. The noise in the bar should make sure they do not hear you blowing.

Please practice the trick before trying it on your friends.


Coin Through The Table  Pub Trick

A Coin with a persons initials on it appears to pass straight through a table

You Will Need :    Two scraps of paper, sellotape and two medium size coins of the same value.

Firstly get a pal to write his initials on two scraps of paper and then tape each of them to a one pound coin. Tell your friends you are doing this because it stops you swapping any coins while you are doing the trick.

Then say , I bet I can pass this coin with your initials on straight through this table and catch it underneath!"

How Its Done:     Place the two coins on the edge of the table then drag the first coin towards you with your left hand,  pick it up and hold your hand under the table with your fist closed.

Next pretend to pick up the other coin in the same way with your right hand, but as you drag the coin towards you, knock it onto your lap leaving your right fist on the table.

Now slyly pick up the second coin from your lap with your left hand and tell your friends that you are going to move the coin they think is in your right hand straight through the table into your other hand.

Clink the coins together as if the second coin has just landed under the table, hold out your left hand and reveal the two coins together in your hand.


Magic Energy Match

Learn how to do an amazing match stick trick where you "charge up" an ordinary match, which when held close to another match, sends it soaring up into the air.

Performance: For this cool close up magic trick, you pick out two matches at random from a full box. Now balance one match on the match box and "charge up" the other match by rubbing it with your finger. This match is then held close to the one that is balancing on the match box, which is repelled up into the air.

The cool secret to performing this magic trick is explained in the video shown here.

Tip: This trick depends on very slight movements which rely on being hidden, purely on the angles that you present the trick at. Practice in front of a mirror to perfect your angles.

Impossible Cigarette Bend

This trick shows you how do an impossible cigarette bend

Ask your friend if they believe that you can bend a cigarette in two so thtat noth ends of the cigarette touch without breaking it. They will probably laugh and tell you that it sounds impossible. The next video, here teaches you the secret.


Magnetic Fingers Trick

This cool trick appears to like hypnotism - but it isn't.

Ask your friend if you could try a little "instant hypnosis" on them. Assure them that it's safe and nothing harmful can or will happen.

Next, ask your friend to fold their hands together, weaving their fingers and clasping them tightly. After a few moments of doing this, tell them to raise their two index (first) fingers so that they are sticking up and they should be about an inch apart("church and steeple" kind of thing).

Now, slowly move your hands over their hands (don't touch their hands) and say,"Your fingers will touch. Try to fight it, but they will still touch!"

Slowly, but inevitably, your friends fingers will start to move together. Tell them to concentrate on their fingers (just ham it up, okay?) and soon their fingers will touch.

This is self-working, but it should still be practiced! It's a great bar trick, too. Have fun!

Ask spectator to put their hands together and link fingers. Point fingers upwards and they will be drawn magnetically together.
 1) Spectator closes hands together.         2) Spectators fingers are irresistibly drawn together


Anti Gravity Beer Trick

The beer in a bottle appears to be defying gravity at your command

Effect:  An annoying person returns from the toilet to find that their bottle of beer has been turned upside down wthout any beer falling out. The bottle is then handed to them, when the beer spills all over the place.

Preparation:  You need

A packet of cigarettes.

A full bottle of beer.

A beer mat.

Sharp scissors or a knife.

A fast pair of running shoes.

Method: Take the plastic wrapper off the cigarette packet and cut a circle just big enough to cover the rim of the bottle.

Wet the rim and stick the plastic circle on top of the bottle.

Place a beer mat on top of the bottle and holding the beer mat in place, turn the bottle upside down.

Carefully remove the beer mat and the plastic should keep the beer inside the bottle.

When your friend returns, it will look like the beer is defying gravity.

While they are still amazed, ask them to take a seat and hand them the inverted bottle.

Tap the bottom of the bottle gently and run as fast as you can as your friend gets soaked with beer.


Make Money By Magic Money Trick

Cheeky trick with money

Ask someone to lend you £20 to put in an empty matchbox, you then also put £20 in. (You must point out the fact that you have also put in £20) Say to them that you will sell them the matchbox for £30. Believing that they are in for a bargain (spending $30 to buy a $40 matchbox). But the trick is that because they already have put in £20 they are in fact losing £10. (In total they have spent £50 for a £40 matchbox, and you get £30 instead of the £20 you started with. It is now a good time to congratulate them on their win and make a fast exit before they have time to work it out.

Crazy Mans Handcuffs

Effect: Two rubber bands separate from each other mysteriously. This is a baffling and quite visible penetration.


Match Maker

A  pub challenge to remove a coin without disturbing the coin that is resting on top of it.

You Will Need:  A box of matches and a coin.

Preparation: Place a match vertically in between the end of the box and the tray. Now close the tray so that the match is stable. Place the coin on top of the box and balance another match on top of the coin so that the two match heads are resting on one another.

Challenge: Challenge a friend that they cannot remove the coin without disturbing the match that is on top of it

How Its Done:  Light the balanced match about half way along it's length. You will of course have to get a light from a different source, otherwise you will dislodge the balanced matches. The match will eventually ignite and weld  together with the vertical match. When this happens, the match resting on the coin will slowly rise and the coin can be easily be removed

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