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          Beer Can Floating On Air Trick

This pub trick is easy to do and very convincing, where a beer can appears to float in mid air.

Effect: A soda  / beer can can be seen to be stuck in mid air whilst the performer mysteriously moves his hand from the bottom to the top of the beer can to create the illusion that the can is floating in mid air.

Preparation: You only need either a soda or beer can, oh and slightly greasy fingers may help although are not absolutely necessary..

Method: Hold the beer or soda can in your hand, thumb on one side, fingers on the other, (towards the bottom of the can),  Now, simply release the pressure of your grip a little and the can will start to slide in a downwards motion. When doing this, your
hand needs to be gradually but slowly moving in an upwards direction, if the timing is right, it will create a cool illusion where it should look like the can is floating in mid air, it is important that the upward movement of the hand is exactly the same as the downwards movement of the can.

Comments: This  is a very simple bar trick. The secret to its success is all in the timing, therefore it is worthwhile spending some time at home practicing. The result should be a very visual bar trick which will have your audience amazed and maybe they will even pay out a drink for you.
Have fun.