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This is the daddy of cool close up card tricks, where you fold two cards and slide one into the center of the other. Now happens a totally amazing transformation to one of the cards which looks absolutely baffling to your audience. This page shows a video of the performance and teaches you the secret.


The magician shows two cards on both sides, one card is folded lengthwise in two and the other is folded in two short wise. The shorter folded card is slid inside the fold of the lengthwise folded card and the cards are then folded back on themselves so that the backs of the cards are exposed to the audience.

The longer card can then be pushed back and forward while enveloped in the other card. The ends of the card being pushed from side to side are seen to be the opposite i.e. one end shows the back of the card and the other end shows the front. The cards can be then unfolded to show two perfectly normal looking cards.


The handling of the playing cards and moves required are shown on this video.

Good Points:

This trick can be performed almost anywhere with practically no set up time.

The trick can also be performed with two cards from the same deck.

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