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The Climbing Ring

You drop a borrowed ring over the end of a pencil. You make it climb up and down the pencil, and start and stop on command. At the end of the trick, the spectators examine the ring and the pencil.

How It's Done :Use a pencil with an eraser.

Tie a length of black thread to the end of the pencil that has the eraser and tie the other end of the thread to your vest or suit button

Place the pencil in your outside breast pocket.

Borrow a finger ring, and hold the pencil with the eraser pointing up. Drop the ring over the end of the pencil and thread. Be sure that you have enough slack in the thread so that the ring will drop to the bottom end of the pencil.

Now, by moving the pencil slowly away from your body, you make the ring climb up the pencil. Command the ring to stop, and simply hold your hand still. To make the ring move down the pencil, slowly move your hand closer to your body.

Turn the pencil upside down, and let the ring slide and off, into your hand. At this point you can hand it back to the spectator. As you do this, slip the thread off the top of the pencil if and hand the pencil around for examination by your audience. With a little practice this magic trick can look impressive.