Coin Through Palm Trick

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Effect: You ask the spectator to hold out his or her hand palm up. You in turn place your hand on top of theirs, palm down. With your other  free hand, you place a quarter or other coin on top of your hand and explain to the spectator that with one quick slap of the coin, you will make it pass through your hand and into theirs!

Materials needed:  2 identical coins, a small piece of transparent adhesive tape or magician's wax, ( for advanced magicians super fast sleight of hand will do ).

Method: When you place your hand on top of the spectators open hand, you will already have the coin in your palm. If you place your hand on top of theirs quickly enough, the coin will not fall nor will the spectator already feel it in their hand ! You then place the "other" coin on top, on the back of your hand.

On the palm of your other free hand, is where the tape or wax will be. Then with a quick motion, you smack the top of the coin, which will stick to the tape/wax. Slowly remove your other hand to let the surprised spectator see how it "magically" passed through your hand! For those advanced magicians out there (you know who you are) you can quickly grab the quarter instead of using the tape/wax.
If you do not wish to use the spectators hand,  you can do the same trick on your lap, but  performing the trick in their hand is much more convincing to them.

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