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Stunning but incredibly easy card levitation trick, where a playing card is seen to rise out of the deck, seemingly at your command. Although this card levitation is easy to do, it is very effective and can leave your onlookers, completely baffled.

After watching this cool illusion, scroll down to learn the secret of this fabulous trick showing the art of levitating a playing card.

Items Needed: A deck of ordinary playing cards. You will also benefit from some story telling ability, however poor it may be, about how you discovered your "magical magnetic powers". blah, blah, blah, e.t.c.

So, Whats The Secret?

1) The deck is held upright facing the spectator. In this position, the back of the deck is not visible to them.

2)When holding your index finger above the deck, your little finger is made to touch the back card in the deck. (see photos below)

3) When your index finger starts to rise, your little finger will push up the bottom card at the same speed. As spectator cannot see your little finge, they will believe the card has risen by itself.

Deck of cards is held upright, facing the spectator.
Hold deck upright, directly facing onlookers, holding "magically charged" finger above the deck
View from the side, showing how the magician performs this levitating effect.
Side view showing little finger pushing up the back card.


This page shows only the basics of this rising card stunt. You can improvise perhaps by having a spectator freely selecting a card and replacing it in the deck. Using your favourite force, you can then move the spectators chosen card to the bottom of the pack and make their card rise.

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