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Shock your friends with this gory, fish eating prank

This prank is a real shocker of a bar trick. In a bar with a live fish feature, you are seen to roll up your sleeve and plunge your arm into a goldfish bowl or aquarium.Then pull out a goldfish and cram it in your mouth as you proceed to grind the little critter to a pulp, crunching bones and all.

You Will Need: A carrot and a knife. .

Method: In preparation for this trick, you need to carve out the shape of a goldfish from a slice of carrot, taking care with the knife..

Keep the fish shaped carrot gimmick in your hand just before performing the trick, then perform the stunt as above. Biting on the raw carrot will make a crunching sound when you chew it, adding to the horror effect and believability of the prank

Carrot carved in the shape of a goldfish. Fish never tasted this fresh.
1) Goldfish carved from a carrot. 2) How could you be so cruel!!!

Note: This stunt works on shock value and depends on your acting ability as you mischievously appear to be munching on this poor little creature. Don't forget to explain to your friends that you were only joking before they abandon you in disgust

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