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Here is a cool card trick where you, the magician, change a card instantly right in front of your spectators eyes. This magic change happens so fast that, just one blink and you'll miss it

The video, below will show you how the super fast card swap card trick is performed and then take you through the sleights and secret moves involved. A more detailed explanation of the magic trick and some useful tips are included at the bottom of the page.

In this example a normal set of bicycle brand playing cards have been used but most brands of cards should work OK.

You Will Need :

A pack of playing cards


Before performing this cool magic trick, remove two different cards from the deck and place together as shown in the video.


Although this trick is easy to learn, it takes practice to master and get it up to speed. Practice until you are confident that you can perform the trick at the right speed before doing the trick in front of people.

Practice in front of a mirror to perfect the angles that the trick is performed with regards to your spectator' view of the cards. This is important

This trick works best with two contrasting cards i.e. a face card and a numbers card. Also try to use cards of different suits and colors.