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A selection of magic tricks, quick and easy to learn and perform.

Card Levitation
The magician puts 1 or 4 cards under his hand. He slowly lifts his hand and the cards float with his hand. Holding his hand above the table, the magician pulls the cards of his hand and drops them on the table.
You will need: A ring, matchstick, card(s)
1. Put the ring on your middle finger. Then put the matchstick under the ring so that both sides of the match stick out.
2. Place your hand palms down on the table and place a card under your palm but above the matchstick. You need to practice this move to make it look like your just placing a card under your palm not above a matchstick.
3. Now you can lift your hand from the table. Press your fingers down a little on the back of the cards, they will remain in position and appear to be levitating..

Quick Card And Coin Vanish Technique

Here is a simple move demonstrated on this video that will allow you to convincingly vanish cards and coins after a little practice.


Ice Ice Baby !!!
Pour some water into a cup, blow on the cup and then turn it upside down where out pops some ice cubes.
You need a cup or glass that you can't see through. You also need a small sponge and and some ice cubes.
Prepare the cup by placing the sponge into the bottom of the cup. Then, drop a few ice cubes on top of the sponge and you're ready to go.
To perform pour a small amount of water (about an inch) into the cup. The sponge will absorb the water. Blow into the cup, wave your hands over it and dump out the ice cubes.
If you are using a disposible plastic cup for the trick, just throw it away at this time.
Watch the look of surprise on your friends faces.


Static Snake Charmer
Effect: You remove a plastic straw from its wrapper. Using the straw as a "magic wand" you command the wrapper to dance around  the table.
You will need: a plastic drinking straw still in its wrapper.

Method: You tear off the tip of the wrapper and throw it away. Gripping the straw at the tip with the fingers of one hand, and firmly squeezing the wrapper with the fingers of the other hand, quickly pull the straw from the wrapper and drop the wrapper on the table.
Now, using the straw as a "magic wand", without touching the wrapper, slowly wave the straw over the end of the wrapper. The straw wrapper should sway around by itself as if in a hypnotic trance .
If the effect starts to wear off after a minute or two , you can re energise the wrapper by stroking it briskly along the straw.
This effect is due to static electricity. It is a real fun effect and works MOST of the time but can sometimes vary in effectiveness depending on weather conditions.

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