How To Palm A Coin

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The Classic Palm coin handling maneuver will allows the magician to secretly hold a coin in their hand which will be concealed from the spectator's view. The hand and fingers can move naturally even when the coin is being held in position.

The soft fleshy area of skin at the base of your palm should be able to grip and hold a coin in place when the hand muscles are flexed.

The how to palm a coin move is explained below:

The coin that is going to be palmed is normally resting on the fingertips, usually on the first and middle finger of the hand (Fig:1) This position is quite flexible and will allow the coin to be easily manipulated as you curl the two fingers into your palm or turn your hand palm downwards after curling the fingers to make a clenched fist. ( Fig:2)

The coin is now pressed into the palm of the hand. Try and keep the thumb and first finger touching as this will prevent your thumb from sticking out, which would make it obvious that your are hiding a coin in your hand. (Fig: 3)
The coin is seen here balancing on your finger tips.. You  now curl  your fingers into your palm squeezing the coin.
1) The coin is balancing on your finger tips..
 2) Fingers now curl into your palm pressing the coin into your palm
This is the coin being held in "palm position" being held in place by squeezing the coin with the muscles in your hand. The hand movements should  look natural to your audience.
3) This is the coin being held in "palm position" held in place by tensing the hand muscles. 4) Hand looks natural to your audience.

The classic palm coin handling move is one of the most popular and most useful coin sleights. The most important thing to remember is to keep your hand in a relaxed and natural looking position. Observe your hand in its natural position and copy this position when practicing palming a coin. You are able to practice this coin sleight almost anywhere and in your spare time.. Remember to keep the coin in position at the base of the palm between thumb and forefinger and after a little practice you will soon be able to hold the coin comfortably and for longer lengths of time while maintaining the hand in a natural position. Once you have mastered this sleight, you will have moved forward a major step in learning the basics of coin magic.