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Beer Bottle Sticking To A Wall Trick

This cool bar trick shows you how to stick an empty beer bottle to a wall. It looks amazing and is a good impromptu trick, however, it requires practice and the precautions listed below should be adhered to.

Have some consideration for the bar that you are in, it is possible that rubbing a wall with the bottle could leave marks or scratch it. marking the wall will not make you popular with the bar staff.

At least leave a rubbish bin under the bottle or make sure that the floor has a soft covering or carpet to cushion the bottle if it falls and to prevent it smashing. There is still no certainty that the small bin will catch the beer bottle.

This trick works best on walls covered with "Drywall" or a plasterboard type material.It will not work on all wall surfaces.

Watch out !! the bottle will only stick to the wall for a short period of time, even a few seconds !!. Do not go away leaving it still stuck to the wall.

How To Do the Trick ::

Walk up to a corner and place the empty beer bottle vertically in the corner of the wall making sure that each side of the wall is flush with the bottle.

Gently rub the bottle in an up and down motion with VERY VERY short strokes. (The bottle should not move more than 3cm in either direction)

Friction will cause the bottle to move in even shorter movements, when the bottle doesn't move in either direction, let go GENTLY.

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