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The internet is a great place to learn cool magic tricks, this website contains lots of internet magic tricks, many with video instructions. Check out the two easy internet magic tricks on this page to get you started. You can then go on to enjoy the lots of other conjuring content on the site.

Performance : The audience member is allowed to freely choose any card from the deck. This chosen card is then handed back to the magician and inserted into the deck. The pack is then shuffled and then held in one hand by the magician. The previously chosen card is then seen to magically rise slowly out from the deck!!

This rising card illusion is made even more impressive because of the fact that it is performed close up, right in front of the audience member.

Method: This cool card levitation trick is quite easy to do after a little practice. The trick is explained in the magic instruction video below here. The magic instruction video also shows the sleight of hand being performed from different angles.

Learn how to do an amazing vanishing move that can be used to vanish both cards and coins by watching the following internet magic trick secret video. The trick is easy to do when you know how but looks amazing to your audience.


Hopefully, the above two tricks have been useful to you and you will continue to enjoy learning and enjoying the world of magic.

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