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Here is a great free cigarette to bill trick that you can do in a bar. A cigarette is borrowed from one of the customers and quickly immersed into the beer the customer is drinking. The beer is shaken out and the cigarette placed between the flat palms of your hand and rolled back and forth between the palms, then the hands gracefully unroll a dollar bill and the cigarette has completely vanished. An excellent effect that will baffle your audience and is easy to perform.

Preparation For This Cool Bar Trick

Take a cigarette and roll it between the hands until all the tobacco has fallen out. You now have the empty paper roll without the tobacco.Take either a one dollar or a five dollar bill and roll it into a tight cylinder. The most effective way is to fold the bill over once then start rolling at the crease. This should produce a tight cylinder the length of the cigarette but rolled tight enough so the bill will slip easily into the cigarette replacing the tobacco. After the bill is in the cigarette roll it gently so that the bill will unroll and fill the cigarette this giving it the appearance of an ordinary cigarette. Now place this cigarette in your pocket..

How To Perform This Cool Bar Trick

Borrow a cigarette, and with the borrowed cigarette in your hand, reach in your pocket for a match. EXCHANGE THE BORROWED CIGARETTE FOR THE DUMMY and bring the dummy and the matches out together. Then say, “Before I smoke I would like to show you a little experiment.” IMMERSE THE CIGARETTE quickly in the beer or any liquid. Place the wet cigarette between the palms and start rolling and rubbing. The wet paper is rapidly disintegrates with the rolling motion, leaving you to gracefully display the dollar bill by each end. They will immediately shout, “DO IT AGAIN.” But don’t repeat the trick, remember the golden rule of magic performing. "Once is entertainment, twice is education". To add to the illusion the magician can put a little tobacco in the ends of the cigarette after the bill is inserted. This can also be worked by placing the dummy cigarette in your own cigarette package, if you wish to simplify the operation. However it is not as effective as using a borrowed cigarette and making the switch.

Another variation: Pin a safety pin under the right side of your jacket with a bobby pin hanging from the pin. This should be hanging where it can easily be reached with the right hand. Insert the bobby pin in your dummy cigarette containing the bill letting it hang just under the jacket so the fingers can grasp it easily. Now, bring the left hand up and look at it yourself, thus directing attention to your left hand. Hold your arm extended, at the same time while the audience is watching your left hand, secure the cigarette from the bobby pin concealing it in the palm of your hand, with the back of your hand toward your audience. As the right hand reaches the left, reach out and apparently grab the cigarette from the air with the right hand. The misdirection is that they have been expecting you to do something with your LEFT HAND and you surprise them by producing the cigarette with your right. Eh Voila , job done !!!

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