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A selection of magic tricks, quick and easy to learn and perform.

Light A Used Match
Effect :
You take out a box of matches and go to light your cigarette or candle but when you open them they are all used.
You then say I hate that when people put used matches back in the box, oh sorry it was me I hate it when I do that. You then proceed to take out the used match and strike it and it lights. You can have them already stashed in the dirty ashtray and take one out and then light your cigarette or candle.
All you have to do to make it look like it is a used match is dip the match in black ink, and then wait for it to dry. Then dip it in ash and it will look like a used match but when you strike it the match will light like any normal match

Floating Ring Trick
Effect :
Make some really thick salt water. REALLY thick. soak a piece of thread in it somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes. take it out and let it dry. Now you are ready. Ask someone for a ring. Tie it to the end of the thread. Hold the string so its like a pendulum. Now take a match and light the string down by the ring. The string will burn but the salt crystals can hold up a fairly light ring. An awesome effect.

Quick Coin Vanish
A coin is placed onto the table. It is picked up and it magically vanishes.
First, let me tell you this is about as easy as a magic trick as it gets. Set the coin onto the table with your left hand. Say something like "Check this out" and reach over with your right hand. Then press down on the coin with your index, middle, and 3rd fingers with your hand and arm parrallel with the table. Slide the coin towards you keeping in mind it should be completely covered up. Slide the coin off the table so it falls into your lap. Touch your thumb to your middle finger as if you are picking up the coin as it reaches the edge of the table. Keeping all your fingers closed still. Stare at where the coin should be as you slowly move your hand away from you back to about 6 inches above where the coin originally was. Start moving your thumb in a circular motion as if the coin is dissapearing. Slowly turn your hand around and spread your fingers apart. Now the rest is up to you. The more surprised you act and if you act like you were all fortunate to see a miracle, people will believe the trick even more and remember it ( and you ) forever , --------- maybe.

Open Sesame
Effect :
Deal out 3 piles of seven cards face down. Ask a spectator to choose a pile. You then pick up the pile that the spectator selected and display the cards in a fan facing the audience. (It is not necessary for you to see the front of the cards.) Then ask the spectator to look at the cards and choose one, instructing them not to tell you which card they choose.
1) Put the cards that the spectator chose face down in between the other two piles to make one pile of 21 cards.
2) Deal out the cards one at a time into 3 piles of seven moving left to right .
3) Pick up each pile individually and then display the cards to the volunteer asking them to indicate which of the piles contains the chosen card. (They must not name their selected card).
Repeat steps 1 to 3 one more time.
After the steps are completed say the magic words "OPEN SESAME". You then pick up the pile of 21 cards and spell O-P-E-N-S-E-S-A-M-E by placing one card face down on the table per each letter spelled. Turn up the next card after spelling OPEN SESAME to reveal their selected card.

Coin Through Table
Effect :

Here is an awesome effect that looks like you are,making a coin pass through a table. The magic instruction video shows you the trick being performed and then lets you know the secret.