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This page lists the tricks from the various magic categories on the magic learning site,

Card Trick Basic Sleights Mind Reading Card
Glass Balance Magic Impossible Card Warp
Super Fast Card Snatch Card Vanish & Production
Torn And Restored Card Mystic Card Deck
Grab Card From The Air Amazing Card Prediction
Credit Card Swipe Trick Levitating Card
Coin Through Card Magic In A Glass
Guess Meister Forcing A Card  
Invisible Card Trick Color Changing Card
No Cards Card Trick Easy Card Tricks
Three Jacks Trick Cool Card Guess Prediction
Card Morph Card Trick Master System Card Trick
Palming A Card Tear Pack Cards In Half
Amazing Ink Fusion Cool Card Switch
Show Your Face Elevating Card
Card On Ceiling Somersaulting Card
You Must Be Joking !! Quick As A Wink
Super Fast Card Switch
Penny Prediction Coin Vanish And Production
Impossible Note Switch Amazing Appearing Dollars
How To Vanish A Coin Vanish A Coin In A Silk
Amazing Coin Balance Double Your Money Magic
Palm Penetration Sleight Of Hand Vanish
Coin Flip Magic Switch

Coin Through Card

Poker Coin Roll Easy Coin Vanish
How To Palm A Coin Nickel Spiral Coin Stack
Coin Melt Through Paper Freaky Coin Bend
Changing Pockets Trick
Time Travelling Watch Mental Magic Tricks
Sugar Snap Reaction Criss Angel Magic Tricks
Amazing Spoon Bend Elastic Magic
Coin Vanish And Reappear You Must Be Joking !!
Mighty Morph Illusion Card Vanish In Hanky
Invisible Card Deck Hypnotised Finger Trick
Dancing Card Magic Energy Match
Psychic Coin Trick  Broken Restored Toothpick
Shake The Ace No Cards Card Trick
Jumping Head Trick David Copperfield Statue Vanish
Internet Magic Magic Penetrating Ash
Coin Melt Through Hand Magic Rope Trick
Street Magic Secrets Link Magic Mint Fusion
Amazing Ink Fusion Quick As A Wink
The Balducci Levitation Group Levitation
Levitating Small Objects Super Easy Card Levitation
Andruzzi Levitation Cup Levitation
Classic Levitation Anti Gravity Spoon And Fork
Climbing Ring Trick
Anti Gravity Beer

Floating Beer Can Trick

Cigarette To Money Bill Beer Bottle Up The Wall
Beer Glass tricks Whisky To Water Magic
Magic Energy Match Saucy Bar Levitation
Just Add Water Bar Bet Tricks
Piranha Prank Telekinetic Magic
Bar Challenge Magnetic Fingers Trick
Barmy Bend Tricks