Street Magic Secrets

David Blaine street magician

    WARNING : - As the secrets of street magic are revealed  in detail here. The mystery and surprise of the powerful magic effects and street illusions that are revealed here may spoil your enjoyment of them as you will have learned the answers to their power. Do not read this magician solution page unless you particularly wish to reveal the answers to some of the most visual and amazing  conjuring sleights performed by the modern street magician. David Blaine has performed some of these classic sleights on television with his uniique modern style and you can learn working versions with the performing guide and photos illustrated on the trick lesson pages. Should you wish to improve your knowledge and magic skills, then read on and share in this cool collection of powerful magic secrets

                                                           Voodoo Ash Trick              Psycho Kinetic Time

                                                           M&Ms Magic Trick           Card Through Window

                                                           Voodoo Spirit Writing        Coin Vanishing Trick

                                                           Lightning Card Switch       Magnetic Fingers Hypnotism Trick

                                                           Fly Resurrection                 Cigarette Through Coin

                                                          Coffee to Coins                   Changing Card Illusion

                                                         Ace Shake Trick                     Coin Bite Trick

                                                         Learn Street Magic CD       Two Card Monte Trick

                                                          String Trick                        Card In Bottle Trick

                                                  Healed and Sealed               Everlasting Soda Trick  

                                                                           Street Magic Home Page

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