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This is a convincing bar trick where a cigarette is seen to be moving in various directions at your command, without any contact with the cigarette. This looks baffling to your audience.


The magician places a cigarette on a table. After waving his hands over the cigarette, the cigarette is seen to follow his hands every move??? This is also done with two cigarettes who again follow both of the magicians hands. This looks really incrdible to onlookers who are not in on the clever magic secret.
Watch the magic instruction video below to see the performance which is followed by an easy explanation of the trick.


The handling of the cigarette and moves required are shown in the magic video, above. The trick can be made more entertaining by adding some patter about your telekinetic powers or about the power of static electricity, e.t.c.

Good Points:

This trick can be performed almost anywhere with practically no set up time.

No gimmicks are required for the trick.


This trick is best performed in a place where there is some background music or noise and so is suited to a bar

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