Upside Down Magic Trick

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Here's an impressive magic trick to do where an upside down bottle appears to defy the laws of physics. Learn this very visual trick here.

Performance: The magician shows an ordinary bottle full of water. This is then turned upside down and when the magician removes his hand from the bottle neck, the water does not come out. As if it is suspended inside by some magical force. To really add a surprise edge to this stunt, the magician then adds a few things to the bottle which would seem to prove beyond doubt that the laws of gravity are not being adhered to.

This close up trick is made even more impressive because of the fact that it is performed close up, right in front of the audience member.

Method: The magic instruction video above shows you a performance of the trick then follows with an explanation of the method..

This trick works on a couple of scientific principles in the way that water behaves such as surface tension and cohesion which with a little imagination are put to use in making this upside down trick work.

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